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Moral is the attribute concerned with the principles of right and wrong behaviour. Humans status depend on their moral. Moral distinguishes between humans and animals. Not have the moral, humans are no better than animals. Therefore, a moral that can determines the quality of humanity.

The main mission of our Prophet Muhammad is to improve humans moral. The Prophet of Islam made every effort to improve humans moral to be good. At that time, the Prophet taught us to do a good moral. He did not just talked about moral, but also did so. Because of that, he achieved success. In fact, there is no leader in this world who can matches His success.

As Muslim, we must have a good moral as our Prophet did. Every Muslim must not violate the moral, because Islam very concerned about moral. Moral is very important in Islam. Indeed, all worship in Islam is required to form our moral. For example, the prayer. It’s mandatory to keeps us from doing evil and ugliness. So is fasting, tithe, pilgrimage, etc. In fact, all religions in this world have the same commitment of moral. No religion allows its followers to violate moral.

Moral determines the progress of a nation. Nation will be developed and advanced by good moral of its society. On the other hand, the nation will not go forward when the moral of its society was broken. Examples of this case is Indonesia. All the damage in Indonesia is actually caused by the moral damage of Indonesian society. Today, the moral damage of society in Indonesia is so much. Only a very few people in Indonesia who consider moral.

As the result, Indonesia has not developed and developed yet until now. Strictly speaking, Indonesia is still in bad condition: Indonesian people were hit by poverties and anguishes, there is no justice in Indonesia, the rich does not care about the poor, the strong oppressing the weak, etc. So, the crisis has not passed yet until now, because our moral has not been better. Not possible to overcome this problem as long as we do not improve our moral. Therefore, we must be able to shape our moral. We should be sadden by our current poor condition today.

There are many steps that we can use to improve our moral. First, we must return to the teachings of the Qur’an. We must remember that we will be responsible for all that we do now in the afterlife. Do not ever think that God does not know everything we do in this world. By remembering the divine judgments, we will be careful in every case. In addition, we will not destroy moral, because we are afraid of God.

Second, we must follow the Prophet Muhammad. During His life, our Prophet was never committed a crime and ugliness. He concerned about moral very much, and never broke it. We must remember this well. Do not ever think that the Prophet will be pleased to see our moral corrupted. Our prophet loved those who obey the teachings of Him, and He does not like people who do not obey the teachings of Him. Do we want to violate the teachings of Him?

Third, we must think about our nation. We must know that if we violate the moral, our nation will be broken as well. Our intelligence is useless without a good moral. We will not be able to improve the nation without increasing our moral. How can we improve moral? We can start from ourselves. Do not ever order people to do good before we have to do what we order. Improve our moral first, before we fix others. This is what our prophet has done. I call this method of propagation of Islam ‘teaching by doing’.

Thus, we just celebrated the birth of our Prophet Muhammad. The day is a good opportunity for us to remember Him with all the teachings of Him. There is no good way to make our life better, but increase our moral as soon as possible. We have a long hope for the goodness of our nation. This is our time to bring it into reality. May God bless us.

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